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Day of the Week
This is an evergreen deadline that will always end on a specific day of the week.
Hybrid Evergreen Deadlines
A typical evergreen deadline is based on a specific number of days from when the deadline is triggered for a subscriber. For example, with a typical evergreen campaign, you could set up a three-day deadline based on when a specific tag is applied. If someone is tagged on Monday, their deadline would be Thursday.
With this "hybrid" day of the week blueprint, you can set up an evergreen campaign that is still unique to each subscriber, but always ends on a specific day of the week. For example, if you set up a hybrid campaign that ends on Tuesdays, whenever a subscriber is tagged Deadline Funnel will set their deadline to be the "next Tuesday."
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How do I integrate Deadline Funnel with my email sequence?
It's simple to integrate with your email marketing platform! Typically you just need to add a trigger to the top of your email automation so that whenever a subscriber enters the automation, Deadline Funnel immediately creates a deadline for that subscriber. For example, if you set up a three-day deadline that starts when a specific tag gets added to a subscriber, each person going through the automation will have three days to access your special offer, based on when that tag was initially added.
What kind of special offers can I create?
The three most popular special offers are a price discount, an expiring bonus, and a limited-time product. A price discount is easy to set up - just create a page that displays a coupon or lower price than your regular offer, and your subscribers will only have access to that until their unique deadline expires. The expiring bonus allows you to offer special bonuses to subscribers who purchase before their deadline. And a limited time product goes away completely after the deadline.
Urgency: the missing ingredient
Urgency is a powerful motivator in marketing. It's the difference between sending out an email campaign telling people about your offer, and sending out an email campaign with a deadline that incentivizes your audience to take action now. Take everyone who has received your emails over the last 30 days, and you can split them into three groups: "Love at first sight," "Not going to buy," and "I'm on the fence." The third group is the 80% of your subscribers that Deadline Funnel can help you convert into buyers. The key thing to understand about this group is that they’re giving you their attention... but you won’t have it forever. Attention drops quickly over time. And there's nothing better to help convert that third group into buyers than a strong offer with a deadline.
How to measure your results
Deadline Funnel makes it easy to measure the revenue that each of your email sequences are generating. In your email platform, tag subscribers that purchase through your email sequence. And then add the Deadline Funnel sales tracking trigger so that each sale from that sequence is sent to your Deadline Funnel account.