Customize Deadline Funnel on Your Website to Match Your Brand
Use a color palette or define your own colors
Add an avatar (logo, headshot) to the floating bar
Define custom presets that you can re-use in other campaigns
Customize the floating bar for different pages in your campaign
Motivate Your Audience to Take Action with a Call-to-Action Button
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The call-to-action (CTA) button is something that you can add to the Deadline Funnel floating bar on your landing pages and sales pages. The floating bar is sticky and is typically displayed at the bottom of the page.
With the CTA button enabled, you can have a call to action that is always visible to visitors that links them directly to the action you want them to take - going to the next page, making a purchase, opting in, signing up for a webinar, etc.
Automatically Redirect to a Different Page After Subscriber’s Deadline is Expired
Deadline Funnel will automatically track each subscriber’s unique deadline, based on where they are at in an evergreen campaign.
If someone visits your special offer before their deadline has expired, Deadline Funnel will show them their personalized deadline.
If they visit your special offer page after their deadline has expired, Deadline Funnel will automatically redirect them to the page of your choice. This might be a higher-offer page, or waiting list page, for example.
Integrate Deadline Funnel in Your Email Marketing
Add to any emails in your sequence after the deadline has started for a subscriber
Show the exact amount of time remaining in the offer/deadline for that specific subscriber
Choose from different templates or customize colors to match your brand
Email timer will dynamically update each time someone opens the email to show the correct amount of time remaining
After the deadline expires, automatically hide the timer or display an expired image
Upload your own custom expired image