Track Your Most Important Campaign Numbers
For most course creators, marketers, and entrepreneurs, the two numbers that should be measured and improved are:
  • How many new subscribers are joining your email list?
  • How much new revenue is being generated by those subscribers?
Deadline Funnel is the only platform where you can track both of those numbers - subscriber and revenue growth - in one dashboard.
Connect Your Deadline Funnel Campaigns Directly to Subscriber Activity in Your Email Platform
Deadline Funnel connects to your email platform in one or more of the following ways (depending on the platform you are using) to track subscriber activity and generate reports based on that activity:
  • Deadline Funnel tracking webhook
  • Sales tracking webhook
  • Email links
  • Zapier integration
View Detailed Analytics for Each Campaign
In each of your Deadline Funnel campaigns, you can view detailed analytics by a specific date range. These analytics include:
  • How many subscribers went through the campaign
  • How many sales were generated
  • How much revenue was generated
  • When each subscriber was added to the campaign
  • The unique deadline for each subscriber
  • The subscriber’s email address, if applicable
  • The subscriber’s IP address, if applicable
Automated Weekly Report
  1. We’ll email you each week with an automated report about your campaigns
  2. Select three campaigns to include in the weekly report, and change those at any time
  3. Choose from different templates or customize colors to match your brand
  4. Email timer will dynamically update each time someone opens the email to show the correct amount of time remaining
  5. After the deadline expires, automatically hide the timer or display an expired image
  6. Upload your own custom expired image