The Solution
Deadline Funnel for Ecommerce
Integrate Shopify with Deadline Funnel and your email marketing.

Integrate Shopify with your Deadline Funnel campaign

Deadline Funnel automatically will generate a discount code in your Shopify store for each of your subscribers based on their unique deadline.
In this example, we have a 3-day evergreen deadline set up in Deadline Funnel:
So if someone subscribes to your email list on Monday, August 3rd, then their unique deadline will be Thursday, August 6th.
And Deadline Funnel will automatically generate a unique discount code for them in Shopify that also expires on Thursday, August 6th.
Email Marketing

Integrate Shopify with your email marketing

With Deadline Funnel + Shopify, you can create an evergreen email marketing campaign that generates a unique discount code for each of your subscribers
How it works:
Set up an automation in ActiveCampaign or ConvertKit that starts a 3-day deadline for that subscriber.
Deadline Funnel will create a unique discount code in Shopify for that subscriber, and store that discount code in the subscriber record in ActiveCampaign or ConvertKit.
Once the deadline has expired, the subscriber will no longer be able to use that discount code.

Personalize your emails and Shopify pages for each subscriber

You can also add Deadline Funnel to your Shopify pages and emails. When your subscriber opens an email or visits your Shopify product page, they see exactly how much time is remaining before their unique discount code expires: