The Problem
Problems in Email Marketing
There are four unique challenges in email marketing that make it difficult to go from creating content to growing your audience and building your business.
Features vs. Strategy

Email sending is not the same as email marketing

Using a great email platform doesn’t guarantee high-converting email marketing. Here’s why.
Today’s popular email marketing platforms provide three core features:
Send a one-time campaign
Create an automated sequence
Basic reporting on open/click rates
But what's usually missing is a clear blueprint for creating successful email marketing campaigns that grow your business.
Missing Sales Strategy

To reach your biggest audience, you need consistent sales.

As a creator, you have unique experience and a special vision that you want to share with your audience.
The people you serve love your information, your vision, and your passion for making their lives better.
However, to reach your largest potential audience, you need more than passion. You need consistent sales.
Until you have high-converting email campaigns, you’re only reaching a fraction of the audience you could.
And one of the biggest challenges in getting consistent sales is that switching gears from “creating” to “selling” isn’t always easy!
This usually means one of two things happen:
You send a lot of content emails, but hardly any sales emails
You send a mix of content and sales emails, but it’s not consistent and you don’t have a clear blueprint for your what and when to sell.

Most email marketing doesn't include a real deadline

Have you noticed that the best sales day of any launch or promotion is the last day?
Here’s why:
It's right before the deadline.
A deadline doesn’t let people postpone and delay making a decision.
A deadline lets you put your best offer in front of your best potential buyers… and then makes them choose.
In or out. Yes or no.
Without a deadline your email sequence will never convert as well as it could and you’re missing out on half your audience
Up until recently, it was only possible to create a real deadline for product launches… not automated email sequences.
And that’s why we built Deadline Funnel.

It's difficult to measure results

The two most important metrics to monitor in your email marketing are the number of new subscribers and the amount of new revenue your emails generate.
Those are the outputs. The key results.
What are the inputs?
the # of automated sequences that are live
the # of one-off campaigns you send
the # of offers you test
Unfortunately, it’s not possible to easily see these numbers in most email platforms.
And if you don’t know what’s working in your email marketing you can’t make the right choices to grow your audience.