The Problem
Problems With a Product Launch
Product launches shouldn't be your entire growth strategy. Here's why.
Bonus vs. Business

Launches are a bonus

Launches are a bonus… they’re not a business! The big problem with a product launch and a business based on product launches is that you never break free.
The quote above comes from a 49-page report written by a brilliant marketer named Rich Schefren.
Just in case you're not familiar with Rich, one of the things that he is known for is his expertise at launches.
This isn’t a business model… it’s a trap. Personally, I’d use another word to describe it: compromise. Every launch requires a huge investment of time, energy, and cash for returns that are not guaranteed.
- James Schramko in Work Less, Make More
There’s a lot of hype around product launches, but they aren’t the best way to consistently grow your business.
Are launches inherently bad? Absolutely not. They can be a great added bonus to your marketing and growth. But making product launches the core of your business is not sustainable.
Revenue Roller Coaster

The problem isn't whether launches work or not...

The problem isn’t whether launches work or not (they do).
The problem is the big drop in sales after your live launch promotion ends.
In the beginning that’s not a big deal - maybe you don’t have a team, and you don’t have payroll.
When sales rush in during your launch it’s proof that you’ve connected with an audience.
You’re on a high of excitement and possibility – as you should be.
But in the weeks and months after the launch you realize you have to answer this question: "What next?"
You make the obvious decision: you repeat what worked.
Which means you do another launch. And then another. And another.
Vanity Metrics

Look behind the curtain at real launch numbers

The jaw-dropping 7 figure "pay days" are what's known as a vanity metric... a number that doesn't matter (much).
Here's a more realistic look at the math behind those 7 figure launches:
These numbers were compiled with assistance from:
Andre Chaperon- consistently places in the top of any launch he decides to participate in
Alex Nghiem - used to run one of the most sought after launch management agency
Andy Hussong - considered a "go-to" guy for managing launches in the internet marketing niche
Jack Born - has personal experience with launches from years of working as the marketing manager for Perry Marshall
Medium size launches can be very profitable.
But as you aim for bigger and bigger launches at a certain point you give up profits and you can easily lose money.