The Problem
Too Much Emphasis on Tactics
One framework stands out for planning and troubleshooting your marketing and growth.

A classic marketing challenge

Let's look at an example of a marketing problem that a lot of businesses might face - a lead magnet that is not converting well:

A tactical approach to solving the problem

You can try to solve this conversion problem using popular marketing tactics - running a split test, redesigning the page, adding a social proof widget, etc.
And there’s nothing necessarily wrong with those individual ideas 🙂
But it’s easy to forget that tactics are only a means to an end; they exist as a tool to help execute a bigger system and strategy.
Messing around with the parts of your “funnel” won’t necessarily improve the system as a whole (and may make them worse).
- André Chaperon in "Systems Thinking vs. Funnel Optimization"
Here are some warning signs that appear when there is too much emphasis placed on tactics:
Looking for cheap clicks and traffic, without understanding who your ideal customer is
Trying to grow your list quickly, before defining what it means for someone to be a part of your community
Pushing for a quick purchase, before investing time to educate and provide value
Shiny object syndrome
Marketing System

Use systems thinking to create better marketing experiences

The other way you can try to solve our conversion problem is by starting with a deeper look at your marketing system:
Why does this page exist?
Where are these visitors coming from?
Are they your ideal customers?
If they are your ideal customer, does this page provide value to them?
If not, who is your ideal customer and how can you bring them to this page?
What messaging is bringing them to this page?
Does the messaging on this page match the messaging that got them here?
AFTER you define our marketing system and strategies, THEN you can decide which tactics to implement.