Stealth Selling: How to Use Teaching and Selling to Grow the Impact of Your Email Marketing
Learn how to blend teaching and selling so that every single email in your campaign moves your readers closer to becoming customers. 8+ hours of video training, slides, and more!
No more awkward shifts from "pure teaching" to
"pure selling" in your emails
You’ll weave your selling into your teaching so even your first email to a new subscriber is moving them closer to a sale. Every email you send will have a persuasion purpose.
Module 1
Persuasive Teaching
Learn why it’s so critical to have every email move the sale forward - even your teaching emails! I'll show you how to boost the value of your free information with pre-framing, how to present the shift in mindset, and how this sets the stage for your offer in advance of the actual pitch.
Module 2
Selling With Stories
Write story-based emails that captivate your audience and serve a business purpose. Plus resources, tips, and tools to help you get people's attention, connect with your audience, improve your stories, and connecting that to your call to action.
Module 3
The Lightbulb Moment
Discover how to give your audience renewed hope, and lead people to the realization of "Oh, that's why previous attempts haven't worked!" Developing a Lightbulb Moment will give you the perfect environment to teach and move the sale forward at the same time.
Module 4
Rapid Know, Like, and Trust
Learn how to develop "know, like, and trust" very quickly by being vulnerable and open with your subscribers. I'll introduce you to the concept of the "Reflection Character" in movies and how you can step into this role with your subscribers. And we'll look at five questions you can use to jump start your brain for coming up with "vulnerable" email stories.
Watch and listen to how Stealth Selling is helping these entrepeneurs increase their conversions and grow their impact!
Bonus trainings on copywriting, creating Facebook ads with stories, traffic strategy, and more!
You’ll weave your selling into your teaching so even your first email to a new subscriber is moving them closer to a sale. Every email you send will have a persuasion purpose.
Bonus 1
"Micro Conversions" with Ryan Schwartz
Ryan is the co-founder of Copy Hackers and he’s also the behind-the-scenes copywriting genius for giants like Amy Porterfield. He walks you through specific emails and breaks down each one to explain the subtle nuance that makes his copy buzz with persuasion and pulls readers in.
Bonus 2
"Story Mapping" with Mike Rinard
Join me with Mike Rinard for a dive into his framework of writing Facebook ads using stories. You'll learn what really moves the needle on Facebook's algorithm. Mike also teaches specific story formats you can start using today (including an easy "common question" example).
Bonus 3
Traffic Strategy with Insider "Mr. X"
I'll leave his identity a mystery for now but he is the "go to" traffic expert who typically buys more traffic in a month than most of us buy in a year. He shares where to start to get the highest ROI, how to cut your retargeting budget by 50-60%, and the three metrics you should track whether you're spending $100 or $100,000.
Bonus 4
How to Polish Your Emails Into Gold
The "80% Method" for getting any task done faster... whether it's emails, webinar slides... anything you're creating from scratch. Six specific critical areas where you should focus your edits to improve your emails the fastest. And more!
"Stealth Selling is the BEST money I have ever spent!

When I saw Jack's offer to buy Stealth Selling I could not pass it up! Investing in it was a no brainer, because I was already blown away with his tutorials, and help with Deadline Funnel. I found myself repeatedly searching out his tutorials on writing persuasive emails, so when I heard he was selling Stealth Selling I didn't hesitate to buy.

Jack over delivered in every lesson, and in my eyes is one of the greats when it comes to copywriting, and teaching others how to connect with their audience through emails. Jack is a rare find online! He gives more than any other copywriter I have come across, and genuinely cares about helping. He makes himself available and connects with his audience, which are traits I look for in a mentor.

Thank you Jack for all you have done for us! You will always be my go to person to learn about the art of copywriting, and selling online!

Tracy Lizotte
Watercolor Artist,
"I was able to put it into practice within one week of learning.

Stealth Selling course was ridiculously valuable. Incredibly helpful and practical. I normally tell people, my greatest compliment would be answering "would you buy it again?" and to that I say HECK YES!! But honestly an even stronger compliment to this training is the fact that I was able to complete 99% of all the content and bonuses and I was able to put it into practice within 1 week of learning. My email list, which has been silent for months, has started to wake up as I put some of Jack's techniques into my copy. :)

Arvell Craig
Marketing Consultant,
"I sent my very first email with a personal story this morning...

I sent my very first email with a personal story this morning based on the Training #2 exercise (see below). I was nervous about it because I consult and teach on databases (a very technical subject).

One of my list members replied with...

"I love this email by the way ; )"

Sharon Faust
Quick Base Consultant,
"We almost doubled sales on this launch… using just one of the principles.

My business partner and I decided to launch a home workout course for $10 to our list. We figured we would do this because almost everyone has no choice but to workout from home due to the virus. Normally we sell 600-700 units with these 72-hour launches.

This time around we almost doubled that number and hit over 1,100 courses.

I was so busy putting this product together that I only had time to go through that first video in the course. I used just one of the principles: "Sell the Mind Shift, NOT the Product". It obviously made a big difference.

Anyway, now that our launch is over I can't wait to crack open a cold beer and go through the rest of the course.

Rusty Moore
Fitness Author,
"I like the hands on approach about story telling....

This course is really a refreshing alternative to all the technical how tos out there. I like the hands on approach about story telling which really helps you to write something and apply knowledge, instead of learning the next theory about story structure, the plotting theory and all the other concepts.

Jan Brinkmann