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Audience. Attention. Action.
Announcing new tools, trainings, and a special offer to help make the rest of 2021 the best months for your customers and for your business.
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Hey everyone 👋
I’m excited to announce Portal 2.0, a brand new training, and a special offer to help you get started using Deadline Funnel + Portal to grow your sales and conversions...
... and bridge the gap between where you are now and where your business can be!
To help make it as easy as possible for you to be able to say "yes!" and jump in, you can sign up or upgrade your existing account for just $79/mo - normally $99/mo - and get instant access to Deadline Funnel's Create plan + Portal 2.0. And you're locked in at this price as long as your account remains active!
Audience. Attention. Action.
With these new tools and trainings, I want to help you build these critical marketing systems in your business:
·Grow and build your audience
·Capture their attention
·Motivate them to take action
These are fundamental, ongoing activities that need to be happening in order to consistently serve your audience and grow your impact.
We’re working working with 3,700+ creators, marketers, and business owners right now to build these systems into their businesses with Deadline Funnel and Portal.
What is Portal?
Portal is the best way to add an authentic deadline, social proof, video embed, and more right in the bottom corner of your website!
It's easy to focus on generating content and traffic without creating an effective marketing system to convert your content and audience into revenue. The most effective marketing system for creators, marketers, and online business owners starts with the following simple yet powerful components:
How Most People Sell ProductsYour Marketing System With Deadline Funnel + Portal
Evergreen Email Marketing
Live Launches
Automated Webinars
Authentic Deadlines
Social Proof
Reporting / Analytics
What’s new in Portal 2.0
Here are some of the biggest updates we've made to Portal this year:
New Content Blocks: Video, Links, Reviews, Product Details, and Text/Image
We’ve added five new content blocks to Portal 2.0 so you can embed a video, add important links about your offer, product details, reviews, and more.
Social Proof: Display events from multiple campaigns
Avatars: Stand out and capture attention with social proof events
Themes: Customize Portal on different pages in the same campaign
With Themes, you can customize Portal on individual pages in the same campaign. For example, Portal can display different content on your sales page and checkout page.
Views: Control how Portal appears on desktop and mobile
You can change the default views and transitions for mobile on both desktop and mobile with Views. This means that you could display mobile minimized on mobile by default and allow someone to close it completely, but on desktop you might display it maximized and only allow visitors to minimize it.
Deadline Funnel Academy
To make sure you have everything you need to grow your sales. I'm also going to be delivering an all new training on exactly how to use Deadline Funnel and Portal to grow your audience, get attention, and get more action on your offers. This will be released in the next 3-4 weeks.
Creating Your Irresistible Offer. The key to growing your business is making powerful offers and this training will teach you all the different ways you can change up your offers and find what works best.
The Core Evergreen Funnels. This training will cover the Why, the When, the What, and the How of the most critical funnels to start with - from high-level best practices down to specific action steps.
Attention & Conversion. Once you’ve got a killer offer and at least one evergreen funnel you need to make sure it gets attention. Plus how to use social proof to drive even more sales.
Leveling Up Your Evergreen. When you’re ready to move beyond the foundation of evergreen marketing and you want to level up your automations… this is the roadmap.
This special offer is only available for a few days.
After that, my team’s focus will be on supporting you and the other clients using Portal…
They’re already working away on some very cool new features we’re releasing soon.
But right now is the best time to jump in and lock in this special pricing and brand new training!
“With these new tools and trainings, I want to help you build key marketing systems in your business.”
If you have any questions, please use the messenger on this page to send our team a message. We're happy to help answer any questions you have!
See you on the other side!
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