Crafting An Effective Challenge Funnel

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August 11, 2023
December 12, 2022

Online challenge funnels are worth adding to your existing digital marketing strategy if you want to boost visibility and build more interest in your online courses, high-ticket offers, membership sites and SaaS product.

These challenge funnels tap into people’s desire to win. So while the prize incentive may motivate them, they are more likely to focus on the actual competition and the thrill of challenging themselves. As such, the time you spend creating a free challenge delivers impressive lead generation — we’re talking massive ROI for your online business.

Let’s delve deeper into crafting an effective marketing challenge funnel.

What is a Challenge Funnel?

A challenge funnel is a lead generation contest in which players do particular actions over a specific period to reach the desired result. The challenge is a freebie designed to entice your followers or target audience to join your email list.

A marketing challenge funnel may be administered via email, social media, or dedicated community sites. They begin with a contest to help you generate an email list or social media followers. The participants then go through the remainder of the marketing funnel. They may get a series of sales emails, attend a webinar, or speak directly with the business owner during a sales call — it depends on your chosen call to action.

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When to Use a Challenge Funnel

Marketing experts recommend using a challenge funnel every month, if not every two or three months. You have to consider that consumers are not likely just to jump in and spend time and effort on something without guaranteed results. But if they see promising results to your challenge — and if your previous challenges have proven themselves successful — you can expect your desired results in revenue generation.

One more thing you have to consider about creating the exact strategy for the ideal marketing challenge funnel is that it isn’t and shouldn’t be a one-time thing. It involves 3, 5, 7, and sometimes even 30 days of engaging with your audience to get the message across, generating qualified leads, finding perfect customers, and securing massive ROI.

How to Build Challenge Funnels

How exactly do you start creating online challenge funnel strategies that attract and engage more people?

Set Goals

Always begin with your end goal — do you want to generate more leads? Drive more sales? Make more people interact with you online?

Schedule Your Challenge

Build an exact strategy with a specific timeline. An online challenge should ideally last between 5-30 days if you want to keep people engaged.

Create Your Content

Your challenge funnel should build a bridge between your business and its customers or clients. So, create content that keeps them interested and focused on you.

Choose Your Rewards

Get creative with the rewards for challenge winners and finishers. The prizes don’t have to cost money — you can simply offer upgrades and discount codes.

Make Your Pitch

Finally, ensure you get the message across and thoroughly explain the course of the challenge to your target participants.

Marketing Challenge Funnel Benefits

The challenge funnel is a fun and rewarding way to engage with perfect-fit customers. It also serves as an effective lead-generation strategy that helps you achieve massive success and deliver considerable ROI. It brings in many new subscribers and clients who are eager and willing to buy from you.

Here’s how you reap huge benefits from a marketing challenge funnel:

●    Increase your lead generation by regularly interacting with your audience

●    Boost customer activation by making them engage with your software

●    Convert more leads into sales and reduce your churn rate

All of this is possible because online challenges typically last for a few days, a week, or several weeks. This means your brand is consistently present in your audience’s social media feed or email inbox. They are also more likely to check in with your online platforms if they want to know whether they won your challenges.

Ideal Marketing Challenge Funnel Qualities

Online challenges are helpful and effective lead magnets that generate leads for content creators, entrepreneurs, small businesses, e-commerce stores, and service providers around the world. They can also help you build a list of ideal customers. They encourage your customers to purchase your products or book your services without hesitation. Furthermore, they can help you generate positive testimonials and reviews.

Here are some of the qualities you should look out for in the ideal challenge funnel:

●    It actually drives adoption and engagement

●    It serves as a bridge between you and your audience

●    It highlights and upsells your products or services

●    It keeps your audience curious and engaged

●    It takes people from the challenge funnel to the sales funnel

Try crafting a challenge funnel today to see if this is a tactic that works for you! Jump into our Evergreen Email Challenge to see how we run our challenges and get a firsthand experience of a well developed challenge.

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