Deadline Funnel Features

Deadline Funnel provides the capabilities you need to create authentic deadlines for your marketing campaigns and communicate them to your leads - plus sales tracking and more!
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Email Timers

Authentic Email Countdown Timers

Increase conversions from your email marketing campaigns by adding animated countdown timers to your newsletter broadcasts and automated sequences to let your leads know when their offer deadline will expire. Use in both live launches with a fixed end date or evergreen campaigns where each lead's deadline is unique.

Page Timers

On-Page Timers to Match Your Emails

When a lead clicks from your email to your sales page or order form, keep the urgency going as you display countdown timers on the page which are perfectly synced with the timers your lead see in their emails. With Deadline Funnel's advanced tracking technology, your leads' deadlines will always be authentic and accurate.

Integrate with Your Entire Marketing Tech Stack

Deadline Funnel integrates with the website and email apps that you use in your business. Create amazing offers for your audience on the platforms where you're already connected.


On-Page Pop-Up Widgets

A brand new way to share your promotional message! Our newest addition to our features suite, "Portal" offers you the ability to add a pop-up widget to your page which can be customized with headlines, buttons, social proof, call-to-action - and of course, deadlines!

Portal is available on the Create plan.

Analytics & Reporting

Lead and Sales Tracking

Get granular insights necessary to both control and monitor your campaigns. See the tracking data for each individual going through your campaign, from when their deadline starts to when it ends and more. Plus, track sales generated from your campaigns so you know what's working in your promotion.

Plus Features to Make Your Experience Even Easier


Campaign set-up is made simple with templates for the top 5 deadline types: email, live launch, tripwire, upsell and autowebinar.

Advanced Customization

Control every aspect of your campaign to suit your needs, including advanced features like hybrid deadlines.

Automated Reporting

Enjoy automated weekly reports for campaigns of your choosing to see how they are performing at a glance.