Your Marketing
Create a personal journey for each of your subscribers, and present unique offers to each person through your emails and landing pages.
Build Evergreen Funnels With Simple Blueprints
Select a blueprint when creating your campaign. We'll give you the exact steps on how to set everything up - completely personalized to your web and email platforms.
  • Email sequence + special offer (most popular)
  • Automated webinars (EverWebinar, EasyWebinar, or self-hosted)
  • Fixed-date campaigns (product launches, holiday promos)
Add a Special Offer to Your Landing Pages and Emails
Once you move a subscriber into your sales sequence, you can add Deadline Funnel to your emails and landing pages so that each person sees their unique deadline wherever they're engaging with you.
  • Add a floating bar to the top or bottom of landing pages
  • Show the same deadline across landing/sales/checkout pages
  • Add email timers that are personalized to each subscriber
Delight Your Customers and Grow Your Business With Portal
Portal helps creators, marketers, and entrepreneurs deliver high-impact customer journeys.
  • In your Deadline Funnel account, the Portal editor is where you will build a personalized experience for your pages and campaigns
  • On your website, Portal gives your audience, subscribers, and potential customers the key details about each of your products and campaigns!
  • Customize Portal for each of your Deadline Funnel campaigns with 5+ content blocks plus more on the way soon!
Direct Integrations
Integrate With
Your Entire
Marketing Stack
Deadline Funnel integrates with the website and email apps that you use in your business. Create amazing offers for your audience on the platforms where you're already connected.
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Shopify Integration
The Shopify integration with Deadline Funnel is currently in beta, and is available on the Pro plan or higher. Currently it is limited to Shopify + ActiveCampaign or Shopify + ConvertKit.
  • Set up an automation in ActiveCampaign or ConvertKit that starts an evergreen deadline for your subscribers
  • Deadline Funnel will create a unique discount code in Shopify for each subscriber, and store that discount code in the subscriber record in ActiveCampaign or ConvertKit
  • Once the deadline has expired, the subscriber will no longer be able to use that discount code
Customize Your Campaigns to Match Your Brand
Take complete control over how and when your audience sees your special offer. Marketing is your story - and you're in the driver's seat.
  • Use a color palette or define your own colors
  • Add an avatar (logo, headshot) to the floating bar
  • Define custom presets that you can re-use in other campaigns
Track Subscribers and Revenue For Each Campaign
Understand the numbers behind each of your campaigns. With easy in-app and email reporting, you can quickly see how many people are going through your campaign as well as the exact revenue that is generated.
  • Measure the ROI of each of your email sequences
  • Track how many people are entering different stages of your funnel
  • Automated weekly campaign reports emailed to you