How Deadline Funnel Works

Deadline Funnel integrates with your existing tech stack to add authentic deadlines to your marketing campaigns.
It's easy to install, customize and grow your sales!
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1. Create a Campaign

Set Up a Deadline for Your Unique Promotion

Whether you want to add a deadline to an evergreen funnel or a live launch, it all starts by setting up a 'campaign' where you'll identify a few key parameters, like your deadline length.

Choose from Pre-Designed Blueprints
Advanced Customization Available
Step-by-Step Set Up Process
Takes Only a Few Minutes to Complete
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2. Customize Your Timers

Match Your Timers to Your Brand

Customize every aspect of your countdown timer appearance from color to button text. Even choose which type of timer you'd like to employ:

  • Email Timers: to display countdowns in your emails
  • Floating Bars and Inline: to display countdowns on your website and funnel pages
  • Portal: to display countdowns on a pop-up widget
Explore Timer Types
3. Add the Code

Add a Small Snippet of Code to Your Pages and Emails

Simply add a small bit of code provided onto your website / funnel pages and emails where you want your Deadline Funnel timers to appear. Don't worry - we've got all the instructional documentation to assist, and in most cases it's as simple as: click, copy, paste!

4. Start Selling More

Enjoy Increased Sales Conversions

Sit back, and let Deadline Funnel do all the work as it tracks your leads through your sales funnel and email sequences, urging prospects to purchase before their unique deadlines expire.

Sync Leads' Unique Deadlines Across Email and Web Pages
Prevent Leads From Accessing Pages When Their Deadline Expires
Track Sales Over Time in Each Campaign
Full Control of Individual Leads in Your Dashboard