The Solution
How Deadline Funnel Works
Build a powerful marketing system for your business with unique offers and personalized deadlines for your audience.
Email Marketing

Level up your email marketing

Whether you are new to the scene, steadily growing your list, or already an expert… there has never been a better time to use email marketing to grow your audience, build a business, and increase your revenue.
Email marketing works for all kinds of businesses and industries, including online courses, digital products, coaching, memberships, subscriptions, and ecommerce.
But there are some big obstacles that stand in the way of successful email marketing:
Email sending is not the same as email marketing
A lot of businesses don’t have a real strategy to generate sales
Most email marketing doesn’t include a real deadline
It’s difficult to measure results
We created Deadline Funnel to help you solve those problems so you can make email marketing a reliable and profitable part of your business.

Integrate with your existing marketing stack

Deadline Funnel is a marketing platform that integrates directly with your email provider, landing page builder, and website platform.
Campaign Types

Create live launches and evergreen campaigns

One of the most popular types of campaigns you can create with Deadline Funnel is an evergreen email sequence + special offer:
For example, you can create a sequence for new subscribers so that whenever someone subscribes to your list, they have seven days to access your special offer. And then once that subscriber's deadline has expired, they will be automatically redirected to the page of your choice.
You can also create live launches with Deadline Funnel, and even convert them to an evergreen campaign after the launch is over.
Just select the blueprint you want to create, and we'll give you the exact steps on how to set everything up - completely personalized to your marketing stack.

Present the right offer to the right subscribers at the right time

You can start a unique evergreen deadline based on when someone subscribes to your email list, clicks on a link, gets added to a group, or has a tag applied.
Once a subscriber is added to a campaign, you can use Deadline Funnel to show each subscriber their own unique deadline, and make sure they see the same deadline when they open your email and when they click to visit your sales page:
Here’s what else you can do with Deadline Funnel:
Add a floating bar to the top or bottom of landing pages
Show the same deadline across landing/sales/checkout pages
Add email timers that are personalized to each subscriber
Accurate Reporting

Easy dashboard that answers your most important marketing questions

You can integrate with your email platform and then quickly see the answers to these two questions in your Deadline Funnel dashboard:
How many new subscribers are being added to each campaign?
How much revenue is being generated in each campaign?
This basic information is missing from most email marketing platforms and is critical for you to be able to make informed decisions in your business and marketing.