JB Spilker

I really wanted to have something that was genuine and authentic but help them see that value and that's kind of what led me to Deadline Funnel. And it made a big difference because now I can have it evergreen going all the time, but I only give them a week, you know? "Hey, this is your one chance to get in." And it really creates a lot of value, and I know it's a big part of why I'm able to convert people into purchasing. I know that's what adds to my consistency of sales every weekend, month in, month out. And I'm trying to always improve it, but I know if I didn't have that funnel with that deadline to where I can look at it week after week and see how many people I'm putting through and seeing how many are converting, without those metrics, you know, those are critical to be able to improve and grow your business to where you want to go.