Jim Edwards

What Deadline Funnel does is really, really cool. It is a tool that enables you to program into your evergreen launches real deadlines. It's in the website. It's capturing your email, and it's capturing your IP address. Since [leads] can't circumvent it, it's a legit thing. So you can, with confidence, say, "Hey, when you're in this, you need to really do it." I first became a customer of Deadline Funnel back in 2017, and it was amazing then. But they have just done a ton of really cool stuff with it to make it better and better and better. So I cannot recommend this software enough. We're using it in our business right now and are going to continue to use it more and more and more because we're seeing that it's working. Honestly, it's a no-brainer. So if you want to make more sales, you've got to use Deadline Funnel. I mean, that's the bottom line.