Lauren Golden

So what originally brought me into your world was that…I felt like I had pulled all the different levers that I could pull. And the last thing that I knew was lacking was this idea behind real scarcity and urgency. I finally got to the point where I realized the one lever I hadn't messed with in my business was tightening that purchase window. I'd heard of you guys for a year or so. Again, if there's anything you learn from this, don't wait years. What's cool is that it had the intention that I wanted. It added that scarcity and that urgency of, "no, this offer actually will go away". And now traffic does get rerouted to a new order page we created, and it happens seamlessly through my email campaigns, through my funnels. It was done in a way where I was using smart marketing strategies but I was implementing them in a way that felt really authentic, and that's why I came to you. And that's what we've been able to achieve.