Melyssa Griffin

The results between using Deadline Funnel in our sales funnel and not using it were like night and day. It was a complete difference after we implemented that authentic deadline into our sales funnels, where we saw just a huge jump in sales that's continued to persist almost two years later after we started using Deadline Funnel inside of that particular sales funnel. It's something that I use for every single sales funnel that I have, and it's resulted in, at this point, over a million dollars in revenue from those sales funnels. And I know that Deadline Funnel has definitely played a part in creating that kind of freedom and income for me and my business. I highly recommend Deadline Funnel. I haven't found anything out there that's even remotely close to the level of service and quality that they provide and the level of income that you're able to make with having these authentic timers.