Nagina Abdullah

Deadline Funnel worked amazingly because from every single device that anyone signs on from, they will get the same timing, and so it really would close in the 48 hours for each person. And I did make significant sales. That surprised me because I wasn't doing anything, and Deadline Funnel was helping me make those sales because the cart was closing over and over. Urgency is so key. It's so funny, on all of my launches, even when I'm doing it live, it's so amazing how, only when I offer something that's going to expire, that's when all the sales come in. That's why it's psychology. Deadline Funnel to me, it's not the software that's so incredible - which it works so well, so I love that - but it's the psychology that it's based on. It's based on the urgency that you have to put into place to really incentivize people to buy. Even though your product may be amazing, there has to be some reason that that person has to buy at that moment or they might move on and forget about it.