Nick Stephenson

I wanted to have something that allowed me to have new customers and revenue coming in all the time. So, I very much had something like Deadline Funnel in mind when I first started, and even though I didn't know it existed at the time, I wanted that software to be there. And actually, yours was the first and only that I found that actually worked without having to do something each week. I didn't wanna have to do that kind of thing every single month. So, after the live launch had finished, what we did was we took all the material that I'd written, all the links, everything. And we essentially integrated it into Deadline Funnel so that we could create what is essentially a live launch from the perspective of the lead, but have it running all the time without me having to manually interact with it. So, it's like, "this is the dream", and then we had to go build it out, and that's where Deadline Funnel came in.