Selena Soo

On the one hand launches are so fun, but they're also a lot of work. And you kind of in a way reinvent the wheel every time. There are gonna be people on your list who join at any moment in time, and you wanna be able to have something to give them. And so in the past, people would need to wait until I had a launch, but now we're growing our list through Facebook ads and we're adding evergreen products, evergreen webinars. And so we're using Deadline Funnel to create that urgency to get people to buy, so that they're feeling like they're in a launch. There is that urgency and incentive, but we're able to automate that and make it happen year round. We're looking to financially grow the business, and there's no way that we couldn't do it without some kind of funnel. But a key part of the funnel was creating that urgency so it mimics the launch, and so we're using Deadline Funnel for that. I don't know a better tool than Deadline Funnel to really help with that piece, so that's been huge for my business.