Stephanie Taylor

I love Deadline Funnel so much. It has really changed my life, and that is not even exaggerating. Before we had Deadline Funnel, we were launching...a lot. We just realized after doing a couple of launches that we couldn't keep it up. That's when a coach told me all about Deadline Funnel, and I'll be forever grateful. We set everything up in the funnel with Deadline Funnel countdown timers within it, and lots of people do buy on the last day of their deadline. So it really is effective. Within nine months of starting the business, we've now grossed over a hundred thousand pounds with only a minimal amount of advertising. And it's all thanks to Deadline Funnel. If you're thinking of giving it a go but you think maybe you're not technical, you're not an online person, then I urge you to give it a try 'cause I felt exactly the same way and it definitely works. So give it a whirl.