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How to use Deadline Funnel and 

Deadline Funnel can help boost your sales for your marketing campaigns in Shopify! 😎

Each subscriber in your sequence will be automatically assigned their own custom deadline - whether you're doing a webinar... an email sequence... an automated launch... or really ANY type of campaign.

If you're not using a deadline you're leaving money on the table!

Here's a quick guide on how to get started with Deadline Funnel + Shopify, so you can build your evergreen funnel.

1. Create Your Deadline Funnel campaign

First things first - you will need to create a campaign in Deadline Funnel before you can set up the integration with Shopify.

When creating your campaign, we recommend selecting the blueprints option and then choose the "Email Sequence + Special Offer" blueprint:

Then you'll set the deadline length and add your first funnel step(s). Don't worry too much about those two items - you can come back later and change those at any time.

Once you've created your Deadline Funnel campaign, you will be taken to the Quick Start Guide, where you can verify that the correct trigger has been selected.

Now you can follow the steps below to integrate with Shopify.

2.Install the Deadline Funnel tracking code

Copy your Deadline Funnel tracking code

Paste the tracking code in your theme editor

3.Integrate Shopify with your email marketing

With Deadline Funnel + Shopify, you can create an evergreen email marketing campaign that generates a unique discount code for each of your subscribers.

First, set up an automation in ActiveCampaign or ConvertKit that starts a 3-day deadline for that subscriber.

Deadline Funnel will create a unique discount code in Shopify for that subscriber, and store that discount code in the subscriber record in ActiveCampaign or ConvertKit.

Once the deadline has expired, the subscriber will no longer be able to use that discount code.

4.Personalize your emails and Shopify pages for each subscriber

Add Deadline Funnel to your Shopify pages and emails so that when your subscriber opens an email or visits your Shopify product page, they see exactly how much time is remaining before their unique discount code expires: