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Pat Flynn

As marketers, we need to help our audience make a decision. And when you know you have something great, you need to help a little bit more to help them understand why they need to make a decision now, and Deadline Funnel makes this easy. We've been using it for years in our business and wouldn't be here without them

Melyssa Griffin

The results between using Deadline Funnel in our sales funnel and not using it were like night and day. It was a complete difference after we implemented that authentic deadline into our sales funnels, where we saw just a huge jump in sales that's continued to persist almost two years later after we started using Deadline Funnel inside of that particular sales funnel. It's something that I use for every single sales funnel that I have, and it's resulted in, at this point, over a million dollars in revenue from those sales funnels. And I know that Deadline Funnel has definitely played a part in creating that kind of freedom and income for me and my business. I highly recommend Deadline Funnel. I haven't found anything out there that's even remotely close to the level of service and quality that they provide and the level of income that you're able to make with having these authentic timers.

Dan Henry

Your software helped me make my first $10 million. We use Deadline Funnel in our automated order page funnels, and it really crushed for us.

Liz Benny

On that autowebinar funnel, I used Deadline Funnel. It was amazing. By the way, those listening and watching right now, I'm not paid to say that. That's actually the truth.

Jim Edwards

What Deadline Funnel does is really, really cool. It is a tool that enables you to program into your evergreen launches real deadlines. It's in the website. It's capturing your email, and it's capturing your IP address. Since [leads] can't circumvent it, it's a legit thing. So you can, with confidence, say, "Hey, when you're in this, you need to really do it." I first became a customer of Deadline Funnel back in 2017, and it was amazing then. But they have just done a ton of really cool stuff with it to make it better and better and better. So I cannot recommend this software enough. We're using it in our business right now and are going to continue to use it more and more and more because we're seeing that it's working. Honestly, it's a no-brainer. So if you want to make more sales, you've got to use Deadline Funnel. I mean, that's the bottom line.

Rick Mulready
Rick Mulready

I am always trying to automate my business as much as possible. So, I'm looking to use only the best tools in the industry and in the space, so that I am getting the maximum amount of results for as little effort as possible. And one of those tools that I use on a daily basis in my business and in my sales funnels is Deadline Funnel. The reason I like it so much is because I am not a tech person, but yet I can go into the Deadline Funnel dashboard, set up everything within there in a matter of time and it's off and running. I don't have to go back in there and continue to be tweaking things and stuff like that. I set it up once, and it's good to go. And it is stupid effective. Like, it works really, really well. I have run sales funnels without it and then also funnels with it, and by far, my funnels that are using Deadline Funnel are far, far more effective. So I cannot more highly recommend Deadline Funnel. Deadline Funnel is something that we've been using in our business every single day for the past five years, and I absolutely love Deadline Funnel.

Abbey Ashley

And so my coach actually said, "you have to try Deadline Funnel. It's gonna change the way that your funnel operates.” And I'm not kidding you; I was doing anywhere from ten to $12,000 a month in sales. The first month that I put in Deadline Funnel, with no extra traffic and I haven't ran ads to this or anything, I made $60,000 in sales in my funnel. It was crazy. I was like, “this is insane how much of a difference.” Just night and day, adding true urgency. It's been incredible.