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James Wedmore

When you start to automate your marketing, it makes your life a little bit easier, and I couldn't have done that without Deadline Funnel. But not just from the technology standpoint, but truly from a feeling in integrity standpoint. Deadline Funnel is the only thing out there that's going to be a true, real deadline. So when a software is that sophisticated, that simple to use, I'm going to get behind it 110%. And so that's why I absolutely use Deadline Funnel and all my students and my mastermind members use it. And it's for good reason. So it's amazing. I highly recommend it.

Todd Brown

For all of our countdown sequences, we use Deadline Funnel. It's a great tool. The reason why I like this tool is because it's authentic. It allows me to run a deadline campaign and know that if the person hits "refresh" on their browser, it's not gonna restart. If they clear their cookies, it's not gonna restart. We're able to hard code a deadline into somebody's record. I feel great knowing that I have integrity. That's what a tool like Deadline Funnel allows you to do. It's amazing how a deadline will drive sales. Always. A deadline will drive sales.

Lauren Golden

So what originally brought me into your world was that…I felt like I had pulled all the different levers that I could pull. And the last thing that I knew was lacking was this idea behind real scarcity and urgency. I finally got to the point where I realized the one lever I hadn't messed with in my business was tightening that purchase window. I'd heard of you guys for a year or so. Again, if there's anything you learn from this, don't wait years. What's cool is that it had the intention that I wanted. It added that scarcity and that urgency of, "no, this offer actually will go away". And now traffic does get rerouted to a new order page we created, and it happens seamlessly through my email campaigns, through my funnels. It was done in a way where I was using smart marketing strategies but I was implementing them in a way that felt really authentic, and that's why I came to you. And that's what we've been able to achieve.

Nicholas Kusmich

If you are selling anything online and you are not using Deadline Funnel, I think you're frankly out of your mind. Deadline Funnel is the best tool I've ever come across that provides true scarcity and urgency without, you know, like all this internet marketing hoopla. It's a way to do that on an evergreen basis. Everybody I speak to, I tell them that they need to be using Deadline Funnel. We use it on all of our stuff. It has probably made me, in addition to our regular income, a quarter of a million dollars, just because of that damn countdown timer that's ticking. I love your product. For anyone who might be watching this who doesn't own it, own it. I'm on a rampage to try and get everybody to use it.

Chandler Bolt

Deadline Funnel [is], I would almost say without a doubt, the one piece of software that we've used like in all phases of growth, and I can't see us stopping anytime soon. And since doing that, we've brought in probably over 5 million bucks of business since we started using Deadline Funnel. So it's just a powerful tool and something that I really believe in. I just appreciate you making it and making it so easy to use.

Kimberly Ann Jimenez

I was trying to figure out how to make it so that we could have a specific offer expire after a set amount of days. I was looking for solutions, and I found your site. I signed up for it, started testing it, fell in love with it. Now we use it for everything: from our tripwire funnels and having offers expire there to our core offer, which is our membership site, to our masterclasses that we run on our website, as well as our actual real-time promotions. So, it's been a fantastic experience. I highly recommend it. It's truly the best solution I have found. I just love the technology is so accurate and so great.

David Siteman Garland

I'm a huge fan of Deadline Funnel. It's really been a game changer for selling our products and programs on an evergreen basis. So, highly, highly recommend it. They have an amazing support team. They have amazing staff. They've got amazing everything. The software is fantastic. Highly recommended, A++.