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August 11, 2023
December 12, 2022

You can easily integrate Close and numerous programs you already use, including apps like Deadline Funnel, Hubspot and Zoom.

What is Deadline Funnel?

Deadline Funnel is a software program you can use to create true scarcity and urgency with your prospects to help turn them into paid clients.

Deadline Funnel helps you increase the effectiveness of your campaigns with the help of authentic deadlines you add to your existing sales funnels. 

Thousands of online businesses are using Deadline Funnel to instantly grow their sales thanks to the creation of true urgency to act now instead of waiting to make a purchase.

Level up Your Email Marketing

Deadline Funnel helps you make the most of your email marketing efforts by creating a customizable clock animation within each individual email that tells potential customers when their special offer will expire. 

This encourages people to act now before the offer expires. The nice thing about Deadline Funnel Deadlines is they are actually hard deadlines and unique to each lead.


Deadline Funnel will easily sync with your existing tech stack including your email providers, email autoresponders, webpage builders, and sales funnel platforms, making Deadline Funnel extremely simple to incorporate into your existing online marketing campaigns.

Present the Right Offer at the Right Time

Deadline Funnel puts you in control of the offers you make to each individual prospect allowing you the ability to make the right offer to the right subscribers at the right time.

Grow Your Business with
Deadline Funnel

Deadline Funnel gives each of your leads a unique and authentic deadline for your offer.

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Deadline Funnel Types of Countdown Timers

Deadline Funnel has created three types of countdown timers you can use to create urgency and close leads.

Email Timers

The email timers help increase conversions from your email marketing campaigns by adding animated countdown timers to your emails. 

These timers represent real deadlines for your leads to take advantage of an offer. This email timer can be used in both live launches with a fixed end date or evergreen campaigns where each lead's deadline is unique.

Page Timers

Deadline Funnel has created authentic and accurate page timers to help keep the same urgency when your lead moves from your email to the sales or order page. 

The page timers are synced with the email timers so the lead knows exactly how long they have to make the purchase.


Portal allows you to add a fully customizable pop-up widget to your page where you can add headlines, buttons, social proof, and a call to action to go with your deadlines.

Benefits of Using Deadline Funnel

How to Use Deadline Funnel

  1. Create Your Campaign: The first step to using Deadline Funnel is to create a campaign. Deadline Funnel makes creating your unique promotion fast and easy and offers plenty of customization. You can also choose from professionally designed blueprints. No matter how you decide to create your campaign, Deadline Funnel will walk you through the process step by step.
  2. Customize your Timers: The next step in the process is to customize your timer details. Deadline Funnel's fully customizable timers allow you control over every detail from the color of the timer, the button text, and the type of timer you want to use. (email timer, page timer, or portal)
  3. Add the Code: Once you have created your campaign and designed your timer, all you need to do is add a small snippet of code to your pages and emails where you want your timers to appear and you are ready to see Deadline Funnel help turn leads into paying customers.

What is is a sales CRM that helps sales teams optimize their workflow so they can spend less time on data entry and are free to close more deals.

Benefits of Using as your Sales CRM

Lead Management

Store up to 2500 leads with the Basic Plan or unlimited leads with some of the other premium plans.

New Contact Management

Store up to 4000 contacts using the Basic Plan or an unlimited number of contacts with the Premium Plans

Custom Fields

Create fully customizable fields to help you organize your leads and contacts.

Multichannel Inbox

The Multichannel Inbox unifies communications no matter how they decide to communicate including phone calls, emails, and SMS.

Pipeline Management

Track both the expected and total value of each new lead in the pipeline.

Task Management

Manage tasks and delegate them to the appropriate team members based on their skills or availability.

Email Tools includes business email templates, bulk emailing to push a high volume of emails out at once, as well as follow-up notifications to name a few.

Phone Call Tools

Power dialer, call recording, and predictive dialing help speed up and automate calling efforts.

SMS Tools

Texting capability including one-click SMS from your Close phone number.

Video Tools

Allows your sales team to make video calls and participate in interactive sales pitching with the help of Zoom inside your Close system.

Analytics and Reporting

Superior analytics and reporting including real-time sales activity reports and a team leaderboard for motivation.


You can easily integrate Close and numerous programs you already use.

Types of Integrations Your Sales Teams Can Use

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