What is Evergreen Marketing (and How we Increase Conversions)

Gabriel Ryan

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August 11, 2023
December 7, 2022

What Does Evergreen Mean in Business?

The term evergreen calls to mind the year-round lush and green foliage of those trees that keep their leaves year round, regardless of the season. When used in the marketing world, it retains its fundamental meaning.

Evergreen marketing implies that the products sold and the sales strategy used remain relevant in all seasons and can be promoted in an ongoing way, typically involving automation to keep promotion constant.

This style of marketing can be contrasted with running live launches or flash sales, that typically fall within a finite period of time (e.g a Black Friday sale that runs for 24 hours, or a bi-annual sale that promotes an offer only twice per year).

When discussing evergreen marketing, we are discussing a marketing approach that does not expire with changing trends and always remains fresh.

The goal is to create content one time and then to leverage that content repeatedly to grow the business.

Here's what you need to know before you launch your first evergreen campaign.

What Is Evergreen Marketing and Sales?

Evergreen marketing techniques are strategies that remain relevant and is valid for an extended period of time. The campaigns run in context with a strong brand identity, are versatile, always current, and remain sustainable for many years.

The term “evergreen sales” usually refers to the path website visitors traveled and the buying decisions they made before converting into new customers. When these kinds of automated sales continue to pour in from an evergreen sales funnel the goal is to create a perpetual generation of sales - passive income (or at least semi-passive).

Evergreen marketing techniques work best when an offer has already been proven, such as an online course originally sold through a live launch or webinar, or with products that are always in demand like food, clothing, software and telecommunications.

Evergreen Marketing Benefits

One of the main benefits of evergreen marketing campaigns is a sustainable product or service that does not require intense configuration to deliver or the investment of constant creative development capital into new ideas. Therefore, an evergreen strategy is more cost-effective and time-efficient for a company.

What Is an Evergreen Sales Funnel?

An evergreen sales funnel is designed to do the selling for a business on autopilot. One of the best setups works with an email subscriber list that engages clients and allows them to receive the proceeds from the evergreen funnel as a passive income source. Generally, an evergreen marketing plan includes content or a video sales letter on the front end, with remarketing campaigns to bring the target customer to a sale.

Evergreen Sales Funnel Benefits

Besides the enormous benefit of automated lead generation and passive selling, an evergreen sales funnel is a cost-effective strategy that attains higher conversion rates, reaches large audiences, builds trust with audiences, and boosts discovery via search engines.

Developing an Evergreen Marketing Strategy

Find Evergreen Topics

An excellent way to find evergreen material and avoid time-sensitive content is to do some audience investigation and decide what the material should cover, to whom it should communicate, and how it can remain timeless for an extended period. Choosing topics that address your target audience's problems directly is one of the best strategies for this. By researching forums and Reddit, you can get a good idea of what problems your avatar needs to have solved for them.

Conduct Research Using Analytics

Different analytics solutions offer metrics that help inform marketing efforts, define content requirements, and demonstrate how current efforts are performing. Tracking at every point in the funnel, from customer acquisition costs to lifetime customer value, provides powerful data for future growth. In-depth research is also one of the best ways of discovering conversion leads that will assist in retaining customers.

Pick or Design the Right Graphics

An evergreen design compels audiences visiting a website to become familiar with the brand. Interesting and finely crafted graphics are also more fascinating and, therefore, more shareable, which helps to differentiate a company from the competition.

Make Sure Your Evergreen Content Matches Your Company’s Voice

The company voice is vital for establishing trust among site visitors and their relationship with your brand, so consistency is the best strategy. It should also remain invariable throughout any outreach to potential customers, such as emails, a newsletter, videos, and other engagement marketing. Brand awareness is a powerful tool that advertises on its own, turning leads into customers, attracting engagement, readers, and followers, and boosting purchase conversion rates.

Write for Beginners (Cast A Wide Net Top-of-Funnel)

In most cases, readers seeking beginner content are the most significant source of content traffic because it is accessible to a broader swath of people. This means that an abundance of knowledge on any one topic might not benefit this vital target audience. Similar to academic environments, there are more beginners searching the web in the same way that there are more beginner-level foreign language classes. Bachelor's degree holders outnumber those with doctoral degrees by the millions, making up only about one or two percent of the educated population. So beginner-type content is usually the most popular material. Narrow the scope only when targeting niche groups.

Update the Evergreen Content

Updating is one of the best marketing strategies, and most online content could use a refresher from time to time. Especially if dates are mentioned, contain old examples, expired links, discontinued products, etc. Refreshing is also beneficial for changing the search engine post date or showing that the content has been recently reviewed, which automatically makes the material more relevant for many people. You can also add some new elements, which will help with any re-promotion of the content, and facilitate it's being re-visited for a second viewing.

Invest In Design That Supports Your Content

Design is incredibly influential to customers and can provide an aesthetic edge over competitors. It is a marker of craftsmanship, demonstrates the potential of innovation, and symbolizes the intelligence and capability of a brand. For example, a generic company may utilize a very simple logo and packaging design to demonstrate that they are selling basic, non-designer versions of marketed retail products. It is left to visual composition then to make a brand more memorable and to establish credibility and quality when applicable. Therefore, it is important to hire skilled, professional artists possessing the skills to convey the form and style a company is trying to evoke and achieve.

Take Advantage of Micro-Moments

The topic of Micro-moments is gaining major speed in traffic analysis discussions and is an excellent opportunity for engagement. Micro-moments are that bundle of research topics individuals accumulate throughout the day until they can reach the internet. And since people often desire answers to these types of questions when they are away from their main computers and going about their daily mundane activities, many of these random curiosities are researched using a smartphone. Micro-moments are a fantastic opportunity to answer such inquiries, providing visitors with the bite-size knowledge they seek which opens the door to further connect with and serve those visitors with a well-positioned offer from your brand.

Promoting Your Evergreen Content

Choose The Right Keywords.

Create a list of strategy-relevant and competitive keywords which can be discovered by analyzing products. Imagine the online persona of your ideal customer and what types of topics they would be interested in. Derive various evergreen and long tail keywords - extracting the constants from the trends as viewed on social platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Clues leading to the most valuable content and what people are looking for might also be discovered in customer reviews. Study the longevity of particular keywords in such applications as Google Trends. Utilize keyword research tools and study competitors.

Quick Tip: Finding the words your ideal customers are already using is key. Do a quick search in Amazon and read the reviews on the products & books purchased by your target customers. Pay attention to patterns of words or phrases used by your market and they will provide you with a very targeted list of relevant keywords.

Optimize For SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Evergreen content should be optimized for search engines, meaning it remains relevant through searches and continues to draw traffic. Selecting from an evergreen list of subjects is one of the first ways to keep this material relevant in searches and includes topics such as: How To stories, product reviews, case studies, frequently asked questions, weight loss, pet care, lists, how to videos, relevant images, and Wikipedia-type informational posts.

Write For Beginners

Use easy-to-understand language and vocabulary that the majority of people will be able to comprehend without having to navigate away from the website to look up terms and highly technical concepts. Readers may also have to leave the website to seek a different resource, hoping that a different writer will ‘explain it better.’ Avoid overly complicated topics and approach the more advanced level information with examples everyone can reference, and that will help readers imagine what is being described.

Narrow Down The Topic.

Visitors approaching your topic as beginner-level readers are said to have a shorter attention span and may be looking for fast and specific information that keeps their creative juices flowing. So if the article is too long and has too many words, they may not hold on long enough to read the entire article. Try narrowing the scope so that the content stays relevant and avoid losing these beginners who may quickly navigate elsewhere seeking resources that will more speedily answer their questions.

Repurpose Content.

The most fruitful content is the type that can be repurposed into new digital marketing posts and converted for use in other mediums, including webinars, videos, interviews, infographics, how-to guides, and other marketing materials.

This content can then be shared on more platforms for greater exposure. Here are some examples:

  • YouTube -- Pop culture and how-to videos
  • Pinterest -- Visual content and infographics with helpful tips
  • Facebook & Instagram -- Visual content that is entertaining and intriguing
  • Flickr and Google Images -- Photography of products or services
  • Amazon and Scribd -- Books that demonstrate niche expertise.

An old blog post can be consolidated, reorganized, and mailed as a weekly newsletter highlighting the article's key points or sent as excerpts for social networking posts with links to the content.

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Increasing Conversions From Your Evergreen Marketing Campaign

Once a customer has been introduced to your brand and trust factors have been provided, urgency must be used to convert the scale. Undoubtedly, you've seen the countdown timers when buying a movie ticket online. Deadline Funnels provides a custom countdown time that is matched to each customer to provide legitimate scarcity. Here are some ways to increase conversions in your marketing strategy.

Stock Scarcity

Showing stock availability or Stock scarcity adds a sense of urgency to an online shopping session. It helps to motivate buyers who may not be ready to purchase right away, no matter what, as they might want to make additional comparisons in terms of price, quality, characteristics, etc. Presenting the scarcity of a product is another type of sales pitch that usually helps to push the sale through.

Quick Tip: Create a quantity campaign with Deadline Funnel to limit the number of courses you will sell at a certain price to increase urgency and scarcity.

Size Scarcity

For relevant ecommerce products, displaying the available sizes is critical for buyer information and reinforces a product's desirability, and boosts marketing efforts. Showing how many items are in stock for a certain size can influence the shopper to purchase more quickly.

Time-Bound Purchase for Next-Day Shipping

Consumers find it helpful to be told how they can receive a product or service faster, if possible, such as when they order before a specific time. It allows them to be proactive in their purchasing satisfaction by making that happen.

Make Them See Other Buyers

Showing that others are interested in or have purchased a product implies that it may not be there later on when the impulse to buy finally presents itself. It also helps to provide an added trust factor in your offer. Use a tool like ConvertHub to display this kind of social proof on your website and sales pages.

Limited-Period Offer

Most people understand the benefit of getting in while the getting is good and seizing opportunities. They don’t want to be stuck paying more money later on if they can avoid that by purchasing right away. A Limited time offer or coupon with a clear expiration date can create the needed urgency. This is another type of campaign easily created using Deadline Funnel’s evergreen deadline technology where each lead coming through your funnel receives a unique personalized deadline (e.g. you have 48 hours after joining my list to purchase my course at a discount).

Limited-Time Discount on Abandoned Cart Items

Reminding people of what they were interested in with regard to their abandoned carts, and without overdoing it, is a great way to remarket products to active leads. A follow-up email is an affordable way to do this.

Shopping Cart Item–Sold Out!

Nothing lasts forever, and customers will soon realize that when they see some of the contents of their cart disappear, prompting them to finish the transaction more quickly.

Special Discount Hours

Most consumers understand the logic behind special discount hours, such as a holiday or weekend-long sale, and will be incredibly motivated to purchase during that time.

Last Chance Emails

Customers may very well appreciate last-chance emails so that they can save on something they plan to buy, which gets them to take action before the sale is over. Try sending 3 emails on the final day of your next sale and see how much extra revenue is generated.

Evergreen Content Examples

Answer Common Questions

Making the answers available for the most asked questions is a valuable service that keeps potential consumers engaged with your content. What customer questions do you answer most frequently? This can be an excellent example of content to create.

Ultimate guides

An Ultimate Guide is one of the most evergreen and searched online sales tools. A how-to evergreen article, for example, could instruct those seeking in-depth, step-by-step information on how to use your product.

These guides can also be offered as a downloadable resource, enticing readers to provide their email addresses in exchange for the handy guide. Generally, these Ultimate Guides are longer and create the pillar content that is critical to your overall SEO strategy.

Brainstorm a list of potential ideas by filling in the blank - “The Ultimate Guide to (your avatar’s greatest problem or greatest desire)”


Checklists provide an actionable list that may provide your product as one of the action items. Just like the recipes included on the box of hamburger Helper, your checklists can demonstrate how vital your product or service is to the desired outcome.

Common Mistakes Or Lessons Learned

Referred to as ‘pain points, ’ these lists let learners know what to look out for when and if they take action on something they’ve read.

Case Studies

Case studies usually stand the test of time because they help to illustrate how various concepts work out - and whether or not / to what degree the information presented is effective.


Resources that address evergreen topics are an advantageous evergreen content type, especially for those seeking research materials, which can be time-consuming. Templates, swipe files, calculators, and samples are all different types of resources that you can use in your evergreen marketing efforts.


A glossary is an evergreen content marketing strategy that remains relevant content for an extended period and can cover broad topics. There are numerous industry and discipline-specific glossaries, which are quite helpful for readers learning a subject. Glossaries also have the benefit of generating backlinks from sites that list topic-specific educational resources.


Create evergreen content with a history, which is also useful when the information is related to your business and place-specific topics into perspective. Histories are timeless content that might also be infused with selling points built upon those background searches.

Popular Evergreen Media Examples

One of the best ways to get evergreen content ideas is by seeing how other industries are leveraging evergreen marketing principles. Here are some excellent examples we've compiled.

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