Adding A Sense Of Urgency To Your Emails

Anthony Xiques
August 11, 2023
December 12, 2022

Email marketing, although one of the oldest kinds of digital marketing, can be one of the most effective when executed properly. When crafting an email, most writers invest significant time in perfecting the message's body. The subject line is added at the last minute before the message is sent. That's a major error, as the cold email subject line is more crucial than any of the content or images, as it must catch someone's attention among a pool of other messages trying to do the same thing.

Why Is the Subject Line of an Email Important?

Data shows that the subject line of an email has a major impact on whether or not the message is opened.

Data Collected by Jay Baer of Convince & Convert Demonstrates:

  • 33% of respondents open emails based on the subject line.
  • 69% of respondents said a subject line is enough to report an email as spam.
  • 22% of respondents stated they are more inclined to open a personalized email subject line.

Results From a 2016 Poll by Adestra Indicate:

  • Subject lines with "newsletter" have an 18.7% lower open rate.
  • Subject lines with "alert" get 61.8% more opens.
  • The words "Daily" or "Weekly" in subject lines increase open rates, whereas the word "Monthly" has the opposite effect.
  • Subject lines with urgency or exclusivity can boost open rates by 22%.

While there is no hard and fast rule for the optimal number of characters or words, most people would agree that keeping things brief and to the point is preferable.

What Are Last Call Emails?

Last call emails (also known as last chance emails) are sent when you want your subscribers and target audience to take advantage of an offer that is about to expire. These include limited-time promotions, product discounts, and promo codes with expiration dates.

Last Call/Chance Email Examples

We'll examine real-world applications of last-chance email strategies.

The Centauro Rental Car Agency

This email features an eye-catching graphic, the text "40% off for a limited period only," and a clear call-to-action button reading "Book today." This email would spark your interest if you were making travel plans and thinking over car rental options.


We found this email to be effective because of its attractive layout, clear call-to-action buttons, and a brief message. This email's "Last Call" sparks FOMO.


That's one last-chance email that manages to do everything perfectly. Their product's vivid colors are reflected in the brand's aesthetic, guaranteeing recognition. The compelling call-to-action button seals the deal.

Good Pair Days

This last-chance email uses a straightforward layout and the brand's color scheme. The headline highlights the deal so that readers of the email are immediately aware of its purpose.

Benefits of Adding Sense of Urgency to Your Emails

Here are some advantages of adding a sense of urgency to your emails:

Increased Conversions: You can increase the number of people who convert from subscribers to buyers by making the emails seem more urgent.

Consumers Make Faster Decisions: Email recipients are more likely to act fast when they perceive a sense of urgency.

Not Only a Marketing Strategy: It's backed by psychology. The human brain is forced to make decisions quickly in urgent situations, which can be quite beneficial when a subscriber receives your email.

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How to Express Urgency in an Email

Here are some ways to express urgency in an email:

Use Time-Sensitive Words to Spark Interest

Create a subject line that will motivate your readers to take action. To do this, you can use active and urgent words to emphasize the limited time left to sign up for the event or purchase the item.

"Only 12 hours left to save big!"

“Hurry and save 15% on dresses for the spring season. Only for a limited time."

There's no better place to find ideas of urgent language for time-sensitive offers than in your mailbox. You might notice that many of the subject lines in your inbox have a countdown timer that gives you the impression that time is running out. You might even worry that you're missing out on something truly great if you don't act fast.

Emphasize Scarcity

Many consumers, both brick-and-mortar stores and their online counterparts, have experienced "fear of missing out" (FOMO). Stressing the possibility that customers won't get another chance to buy your highly sought-after products is a great way to generate a sense of urgency. Try using these time-sensitive phrases and expressions to emphasize scarcity to help create a sense of urgency and encourage the person to act immediately:

"X left in stock"

"Only X available"

"Limited edition"

Use Capital Letters, Exclamation Points, and Emojis

Short phrases can be capitalized. It is not necessary to capitalize the first letter of every word in the subject line unless it is fewer than five words long. All-caps subject lines are more likely to be flagged as spam.

Also, you can emphasize the importance of your message by using exclamation points. You can limit yourself to using no more than one exclamation point in each sentence.

Whenever possible, omit the "!!!!!" sign. Too many exclamation marks in a subject line can make it seem like you're shouting at the person reading it, rather than conveying a sense of urgency.

Add a Deadline

Including a deadline is a simple technique to increase the sense of urgency. Be sure to emphasize that they have limited time. Be sure to mention both the date and time of the deadline in the body of the message and in the subject line. The details will show customers how much time they have. This may be just what you need to create urgency.

Emphasize Any Potential Discount

It's crucial to emphasize the possible savings for your customers if you're hosting a sale. Offering discounts helps generate a sense of urgency because no one wants to miss out on a good deal. It's essential that you highlight the price cut or special offer. So even if they only skim your email subject lines, your readers will be able to quickly grasp the possible savings they stand to gain.

Highlight Your Important Message (Offer, Sale, Etc.)

Choose the strongest color for your primary message's background. Another option is to use a vibrant GIF background. Don't forget that your email's main objective is to get the reader's attention.

Combine, Action-Oriented Phrases

Use active verbs in combination with urgent sentences. By doing so, you can encourage swift action from your subscribers. You can experiment with lengthier CTA buttons or links if your email copy is brief and contains little text.

Aim for a concise call to action (CTA) button even if your email copy is lengthy. Try the following combinations in your email subject lines, email body, or CTA button:

"Hurry! Make a reservation now."

"discounts of up to 50%! Save right now."

Use Repetition to Emphasize Your Message

Repeat the key messages in the email body to create a sense of urgency. You don't have to use the same exact words. However, strategically placing emphasized words throughout the email will do the trick for human psychology.

Provide a Solution to an Issue

Promote your product as a problem-solver. Your subscribers will feel a sense of urgency as a result. If you have the opportunity to save them from a problem, then most definitely do so. Besides, providing a solution can be a great opportunity to mend a broken business relationship. Try using phrases like these:

"Ten days before Christmas. Get your gifts in time for Christmas Eve by placing your order today!

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Take Advantage of High-Demand Items

People are more likely to act rapidly when they are aware that a product is in high demand and likely to sell out shortly. See our suggestions below:

"Don't miss out again! Get it now ."

"Restocked! Grab yours before it runs out."

 Examples of Emails with Urgent Subject Lines

Some of the best examples of urgent subject lines are as follows:

Emprada: “Last Chance Extra 20% Off Sale Ends at Midnight”


Half United: “4 hrs left// Take $10 off + give double the meals!”

American Eagle Outfitters: “IT’S. YOUR. LAST. CHANCE!”

Body Candy: “50% Off!! FINAL DAY!(coupon inside)”

Nightcap Clothing: “The biggest sale of the year is almost over”

Under Armour: “You Can't Wait Up To 50% Off Outlet Ends Tonight”

Wrapping up

Check and edit your email campaigns as you compose them. The body, subject line, and CTA are all places where you may tweak or improve your content to convey action-oriented words and a sense of urgency. Now that you have a polished urgent email, you can test its effectiveness by sending it to the intended recipients and seeing how they respond.

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