Creating An Evergreen Webinar That Converts Like A Product Launch

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August 11, 2023
December 7, 2022

Three pillars serve as the framework for modern marketing. Video is the first focus. This is rooted in a simple and direct tenet: users demand it because it makes it easier for them to access pertinent information quickly and leads to filling out engaging forms.

Direct contact is the second aspect. This is the driving force behind inbound marketing's success and the development of a bond between the consumer and the brand. The likelihood of success increases as this bond becomes stronger.

Accessibility is the last component of a winning strategy. You no longer need to alter your schedule to attend an online event because of technological advancements. We desire content access at your earliest convenience. 

Is there any single communications format that combines these three elements? 

Webinars, of course. 

They are practical marketing tools that many course creators use. Because people can observe your expertise in action and get a firsthand sense of what it's like to learn from you, they are especially effective for evergreen sales funnel and course sales.

A well-designed webinar marketing funnel can convert a total stranger into a paying customer in less than an hour. So, if you're interested in running an effective evergreen webinar funnel for your business, this post was created with you in mind. So, would you like to begin now?

What Is An Evergreen Webinar?

A pre-recorded online seminar (webinar) that can be scheduled on an ongoing basis by the webinar's host is known as an evergreen webinar. There is no requirement for an active host or live sessions, and participants can access it at any time of day.

Businesses frequently create webinars for their target market, including interactive elements like live chat or Q&A sections. These scheduled webinars include information that the webinar attendees will find useful for a long time. The same information can be transformed into an evergreen webinar funnel after a live webinar.

Therefore, a key component of making evergreen webinars is creating content that does not become dated over time. The main goal of using an evergreen webinar to boost sales is to streamline the entire lead-generation process while establishing a smooth sales funnel.

Types of Evergreen Webinars


These are "How to..." manuals instructing webinar attendees on constructing, preparing, repairing, creating, or selecting a particular item. Many people turn to the internet for help with a variety of tasks. You should produce video training if you want to snag this audience. Of course, this should be associated with your company or sector. For instance:

  • If you sell furniture, you might create a webinar on choosing the best recliner for a small space. Since the guidelines for choosing furniture are constant regardless of the year or season, this makes for good evergreen content.
  • A brief guide to using Canva to create stunning graphics. A social media pro can create evergreen webinars on producing relevant content for social platforms on their YouTube channel.

Educational Webinars

These are webinars where you impart knowledge on vital subjects in which a sizable portion of your existing customers are interested. Following are some concepts for educational material:

  • The most typical causes of cat urination outside of the litter box. Make sure your website has several recorded webinars on pets if you sell pet supplies. The subjects include common illnesses, pet food, pet care, and behavioral issues.
  • English language learners make spelling errors. A language school may offer webinars on frequent issues like pronunciation or mispronounced words. You can advertise your webinars during entrance exams to increase your website visitors or YouTube channel traffic.

Expert Tips and Tricks

Once more, this is a great way to establish your authority in your field. After all, this is to impart the knowledge you have gained over your years within the industry. These are manuals where you discuss timeless subjects and offer guidance based on personal experience. For illustration:

  • “I've tried three different methods for brewing coffee.” First, customers can be invited to visit an online coffee retailer's website or social media pages with their roaster to view webinars on coffee blends, latte art techniques, and tea varieties.
  • You can release a webinar on "5 tips to keep your recliner in top condition." to teach leather or upholstery care. 

Traditional Webinar vs. Automated Webinar

Let's start with the obvious; traditional webinars are exactly what they sound like: live. 

Everything you see is live and currently happening, including the presentation, webcams, and chat. These kinds of marketing events are a great way to test new offers and validate your marketing ideas before building out an automated evergreen sequence.

In contrast, a pre-recorded webinar that can automatically execute on a recurring schedule at different times without the host being present is called an automated evergreen webinar.

Participants sign up for one of the automated webinar's scheduled times, giving them the flexibility to join whenever they are free and giving the host a chance to engage with participants throughout the webinar.

Each is excellent in its way. Traditional doesn't always nullify automated, and vice versa. Everything varies depending on your utilization case and the stage of the campaign.

Tools Needed to Create an Evergreen Webinar

The choice and setup of the required webinar equipment are one of the most crucial steps in the webinar organization process. Even the most exciting and brilliant presentation can be ruined by poor sound quality, hazy visuals, poor recorded content, or other technical issues. The following tools are required to host a webinar:

Fast Computer & Fast Internet

Any advanced computer is capable of hosting webinars. The computer should have one of the below browsers installed on it:

  • Safari
  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Opera

Your internet connection speed significantly impacts the audio and video clarity during webinars. This should be at least 10 Mbps for a webinar funnel that broadcasts a video. When a webcam is not used, 4 Mbps should be adequate. It's a good idea to shut down unnecessary browser tabs, stop downloading, and disconnect Skype, Slack and any other software that may be running in the background before a webinar.

Webinar Software

Your webinar's success depends heavily on the software tools you have in place. There are several things to keep in mind when choosing the best software to use, including

  • Can you have multiple presenters?
  • Are features like HD video and personalized backgrounds available to you?
  • Do viewers need to install any plugins to view?
  • How big of a crowd can you expect?

The best webinar software makes recording and distributing webinars to others simple. Live chat and live streaming are additional features. There are plenty of options for hosting your webinar, such as Zoom, Streamyard, or Stealth Seminar.


Many laptops and computers come equipped with webcams that can be used to host webinars. But using a standalone webcam can frequently result in a noticeable improvement in video quality. This is because it has USB and Firewire ports for computer connectivity.

Good Lighting

A webinar's lighting need not be challenging. Adding a few different light sources is all that is necessary. The size of the space you are lighting will determine how many sources you need. The balance of light levels from above, behind, and sides should be achieved when using light sources.

Quick Tip: Position yourself (and your camera) directly infront of a window, to use the natural light from the window to act like a giant softbox (a softbox is a type of studio lighting used by professional photographers).

Additionally, make sure that the light is the same color throughout. With all this in mind, using ring lights when hosting a webinar is usually a smart idea. They aid in generating evenly distributed lighting while preventing shadows.

Headphones and Microphones for Webinars

The choice of headset should be made with extreme care. No matter how compelling your webinar is, it will fall flat if no one can hear you. Although most laptops and computers come equipped with speakers and microphones, their sound is typical of poor quality and has an echoing effect.

Any typical 3.5 mm or USB headset can be used to conduct a webinar because the integrated sound-processing card offers a more transparent sound and reduces noise.


A speakerphone is used if you have multiple webinar presenters in the same space. A speaker and a microphone make up this unique device. A speakerphone has a 3-meter maximum range for sound transmission.

It also eliminates noises and acoustic echoes.

Evergreen Webinar Benefits

It Provides a Reprieve from Writer's Block

Even the most creative person eventually runs out of things to say. So you can present your audience with these timeless webinars while you work through your writer's block. In this manner, you can maintain the regularity of your webinar content publication.

It Can Help Fill In The Gaps

You will eventually run out of ideas if you produce live webinars for a long time. Evergreen webinars that have been thoughtfully designed and are still relevant today can help you fill in the gaps while you conduct research or wait for industry news and updates. You can use them whenever and wherever you want because they are always relevant. By reposting them, you are able to move forward on timelines with relevant content.

It Can Boost Your Site's SEO

Every eCommerce business needs SEO. Fortunately, evergreen webinars can improve the rankings of your website even more.

It all comes down to using the pertinent search engine terms and informative content that customers frequently seek. You can optimize your website and increase traffic by including these in your webinars.

It Improves Social Sharing

Social media platforms make up a set of fantastic portals for marketing your content and gaining new subscribers. After all, social media platforms are used by 3.5 billion people worldwide or 45% of the population. You'll be surprised by how many shares you get if you simply add a social sharing button or embed a registration link to a webinar in your social media post.

An Evergreen Webinar Increases Your Standing In The Sector

Whatever the month or year, evergreen content is always relevant. Your clients will undoubtedly ask the same query. You constantly have an answer at the ready with these webinars. As a result, it can solidify your position as an authority in your field.

It is A Brilliant Method For Generating An Income Stream

Making money is challenging, but using evergreen sales funnels can simplify it. For example, a pre-recorded webinar can improve your SEO, as was already mentioned, which means more customers and potential revenue.

You just need to keep these automated webinars running while you rest, travel, and take care of other important tasks.

Converting Your Evergreen Webinar Into a Product Launch

Define Your Target Audience

Priorities come first. Determine the audience for whom you are writing your content and for whom the webinar funnel is intended. Once you understand who the landing page is meant for, you will be able to converse with them more concisely and with greater focus.

SEO is one way to attract the attention of your target market. Make your landing page SEO-optimized to increase visibility and search engine rankings.

Write Attention-Grabbing Headlines

A good headline for a landing page is straightforward, short, and to the point. When people land on the landing page for your webinar, catchy headlines can quickly direct them there—select short yet impactful words for the headline.

Add Appealing Images and Videos

According to MDG Advertising, people only retain 10% of information three days after hearing it, but 65% of information is remembered when an image accompanies it. Additionally, the most significant content types are pictures and videos.

This is why it's critical to include strong visuals and to produce images and videos that effectively convert viewers.

Include a Click-Worthy CTA

Your landing page's call to action (CTA) is one of its most crucial components. The CTA's goal is to persuade visitors to perform the desired action. By directing visitors to the following step in their journey on the webinar landing page, your CTA helps them convert. It should draw attention to itself and stand out on the page.

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How To Create An Evergreen Webinar Funnel

Evergreen webinars don't have to be as boring as traditional seminars. By using the following advice, you can create valuable content and set up an evergreen webinar system:

Decide On The Webinar Format

Generally, you could pick one of these three basic formats: panel discussions, interviews, or single speakers. The first one works best for small audiences because it mimics a conversation with friends.

You must invite a subject-matter expert for the interview format. If you have several presenters, you could hold a panel discussion or online conference where one serves as the moderator and the others discuss their specialty areas.

In addition to these standard formats, you can make evergreen webinars and include case studies and product demonstrations. Product demonstrations are excellent for educating recently acquired customers.

It can also instruct staff members on how to use a particular product. However, case studies can be used by marketers to highlight real customer experiences and how they were able to use a specific product or service to solve their problems.

Write Your Script

You should make it as perfect as possible, even if it's just you conducting recurrent automated webinars. However, to avoid making mistakes that necessitate additional reshooting, you must write a webinar script to serve as your guide.

When writing the script for a webinar, include a summary of the speakers and what to anticipate, as well as a section for questions and answers at the end to address any issues raised by the audience.

Assemble Your Team

You should have a host and a presenter or orator for your interview webinar unless you plan to handle everything yourself. Technical assistance is always available, but it's not as crucial as when you produce live webinars. This is because, should a glitch arise, you could reshoot the scene.

Prepare the Visual Material

Remember that some viewers process information more effectively through visual means, requiring images and graphs. Therefore, you must have this content prepared for your intended audience.

Since the audience will only be able to see your face for the entire webinar, using visual aids will also make your presentation more engaging. Additionally, using visual aids makes teaching simpler, particularly when creating tutorial videos.

Choose a Webinar Platform

Users can make an evergreen webinar funnel with several different tools. Simply select user-friendly webinar software that meets your needs and is within your price range.

Look for features you want to incorporate into your presentation when selecting the best evergreen webinar software, such as polls and live chat boxes. Also, consider your budget, as webinar platforms offer different price points.

You can use the following examples of evergreen webinar platforms:

StealthSeminar is one of these time-tested webinar platforms that not only assists you in having an automated webinar but also offers you actionable templates that will help you convert more leads, saving you time. In addition, you can monitor your webinar statistics to make adjustments the following time you conduct one.

Record and Edit Your Webinar

You can begin recording your webinar session as soon as your script, visual aids, and webinar software are ready. Then, include any additional audio, video, or visual content that will complete your video. You can even give it the appearance of a live event by including a live chat box or product offers.

These are fantastic because you can edit them until you're delighted with how they turned out. Since an evergreen webinar is sure to be viewed for a long time, this is precisely what you should do. On the other hand, a poorly made webinar without pertinent content could harm your brand's reputation.

Schedule The Webinar Showing

You can choose when your webinar event is shown, which is one of its best features. 

According to statistics, Thursday webinars have the highest participation rates at 25%. Webinars scheduled for Wednesday and Tuesday immediately follow this. The best times to hold your webinar event appear to be 11 A.M., 2 P.M., and 1 P.M. It has also been pretty clearly tested out that releasing one webinar weekly produces excellent results.

Best Practices When Recording A Webinar Video

Plan Your Content

Write it down, reflect on it, and then give yourself a few days to make any necessary revisions. You should do this to ensure that you meet all of your goals and get the feedback you require from your audience.

Keep Things Timeless and Evergreen

Avoiding references to things that might date your webinar or make it quickly lose its relevance is a good idea if you want it to last for any length of time. Keep things essentially perennial.

Avoid mentioning holidays, the climate, news affairs, and even the time daytime. For instance, "welcome" is preferable to "good morning." Small things can cause people to leave the experience prematurely.

Set Expectations and Encourage Engagement Upfront

Set the audience's expectations by explaining that your presentation will be interactive for a few minutes. The duration viewers spend watching your webinar can be increased by reviewing a few housekeeping items at the beginning to increase engagement.

For example, explain how chat works, let them know about the interactions that will occur throughout the presentation, and ask them to support you if they find what you're sharing helpful.

Start by stating something along the lines of, "during this presentation, you'll see things like questions, polls, and tips pop up that allow me to interact with you while I am presenting.

For example - a poll about where they learned about the webinar can pop up as you ask “how did you hear about this event?”  After asking, a pause can be strategic because taking a break causes people to feel as though they must react and join in on the experience.

Top Evergreen Webinar Platforms in 2022


Anyone can start using Livestorm's webinar platform because it has a limited but free plan available! There aren't many evergreen webinar software options that offer a free pricing plan, but Livestorm is one of these exceptional finds.

You can create on-demand webinars with up to 20 minutes of play time using their free plan (no credit card required), but only up to 10 participants are permitted.

Calls to action, events that require payment for access, Q&As, and polls are some of Livestorm's standout features. One cool feature of Livestorm is that you can view a demo of an on-demand webinar on their website to see what the attendee experience is like.


Demio offers live, ongoing, and automated webinar delivery. For example, Demio's Growth plan offers features like polls, handouts, call to action, live chat, and events lasting up to 8 hours. However, Demio lacks a direct pay-to-access event feature in contrast to the other software on this list.

Additionally, Demio offers a 14-day trial that is free and doesn't require a credit card. So make sure you try it for yourself.


EasyWebinar offers a variety of access options to draw participants. EasyWebinar offers three options for evergreen webinar creation: right-on-time events (webinars begin every 15 minutes), wait for its events (you choose the date and time), or on-demand events (get instant access).

There is no live chat option or paid events, so their evergreen webinar features may not be as big as other companies on this list. You do, however, receive polls and calls to action. In addition, you can reap the benefits of a 14-day free trial of EasyWebinar, like you can with most of the software on this list, to see what it can do for you.


Because WebinarGeek is browser-based, there is no need to download any special software to host a webinar. You can set up a webinar in just a few minutes. You can interact with your audience lightheartedly by using polls, quizzes, live chat, call-to-action buttons, and more.

Statistics reveal precisely what was said during the participants' webinar interactions. Even better, you can create a tailored follow-up based on the data gathered during your session. Another fantastic feature of WebinarGeek is the ability to upload your pre-recorded presentation, including previously hosted webinar videos, to create hybrid webinars.

All your webinars are automatically recorded, so you can send out the webinar replay page or reuse your content. The software can also create an automated or on-demand webinar so that you can start hosting and generating leads immediately.


Regularly produce webinars that can be converted to evergreen. They will be helpful whenever you run out of inspiration to make something from scratch. Webinar recordings will improve your SEO and increase website traffic over time. The fact that you only need to prepare for evergreen webinars once is their biggest advantage.

Write down a script that details what your audience will see and gain from attending your meeting as a starting point. Your audience will know you're lying if you act like your automated sessions are live. Remember that automated content need not be monotonous.


Does Zoom Do Evergreen Webinars?

You can use Zoom to record your webinar live, and then convert it into an evergreen webinar by uploading the recording to a platform like Wistia or Vimeo, and then building an evergreen webinar funnel with a platform like Stealth Seminar.

Are Evergreen Webinars Effective?

Absolutely! Though you will likely see less conversions than from a live webinar, the big benefit of an evergreen webinar is that it can run 24/7. Would you rather have an A+ sales person bring you one big sale a week? Or a C average sales person bring you a new average sized sale every single day of the year?

It is expected that the market for webinars will expand rapidly in the future. It has been demonstrated that they help many businesses generate leads. When creating your webinar, using an evergreen topic that offers engaging content and subjects that are always relevant to your target audience is the best course of action. Instead of using a standard sales pitch, your marketing team can help script a webinar topic that is educational content and customer engagement combined.

What Is An Evergreen Webinar Funnel?

An evergreen webinar has been recorded in advance and is accessible 24/7 without your presence being required to host it. In addition, automating your entire sales funnel enables you to sell your course or membership program on autopilot.

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