CRO Marketing: 7 Ways To Increase Conversion Rate

Jack Born

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August 11, 2023
April 5, 2023

This is Part 6 in a free seven-part training series. Part 7 (The 1 thing more important than price) is here.

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The Ultimate Offer Blueprint — 7 Steps to Creating High-Converting Offers

With the internet and traditional media only getting noisier, more crowded and ultra competitive, it is more important than ever to make the most out of every single visitor, lead and sales opportunity that enters your funnel.

And while your upper funnel marketing efforts are focused on bringing more visitors, leads and opportunity into your funnel, CRO Marketing converts that opportunity into cash and customers, the lifeblood of your business.

What is CRO Marketing?

CRO is short for Conversion Rate Optimization, and entrepreneurs & marketers that invest their time, money and attention into CRO Marketing are looking for ways to increase the number of prospects that move from one phase of their funnel to the next.

Website visitors → New leads

New leads → Qualified or Engaged or Hot leads

Hot leads → New customers

New customers → Repeat customers

At each phase of the funnel, only a certain percentage of prospects continue on. CRO Marketing works to increase that percentage, which ultimately leads to more sales more often.

7 Ways To Increase Conversion Rate

The Ultimate Offer Blueprint is my proven playbook for increasing your conversion rate and boosting sales, by improving your offer.

Even better… 

By transforming your offer from simply your product & price…

To an irresistible offer that your prospects simply cannot refuse.

A no brainer, please-take-my-money-now kind of offer.

Here are the 7 components from The Ultimate Offer Blueprint

  1. Define (or redefine) Your Ideal Customer Profile
  2. Craft Your Value Proposition
  3. Develop Your Unique Mechanism
  4. Create Your Risk Reversal
  5. Determine The Deadline
  6. Build In Your Bonuses
  7. Set Payment Terms

You can implement all 7 steps, or simply pick and choose. 

Heck… you can even just start with a single step, such as Determine The Deadline, and add a deadline to your offer with a clear message explaining what happens after the deadline is up. Maybe the offer goes away completely, or the price goes up, or the bonuses go away… or perhaps some combination thereof.

Or, you could start by just Building In Your Bonuses, and include 1 or 2 extras as part of your offer to sweeten the deal.

Regardless of how you approach it, CRO Marketing is all about incrementally testing and experimenting with ways of increasing the percentage of people that convert on your offer.

With The Ultimate Offer Blueprint, your Conversion Rate Optimization efforts are focused on getting more leads to purchase your product or service.

And to purchase it NOW.

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Deadline Funnel gives each of your leads a unique and authentic deadline for your offer.

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What is an example of CRO marketing?

Do you remember 1990?

… Germans East and West ripped down the Berlin Wall 

Vanilla Ice was enjoying his 15 minutes of fame with “Ice Ice Baby”.

The Real World on MTV was one of the first reality shows.

… No one had heard of the “world wide web” yet.

… And cell phones were the size of bricks… and almost no one had one.

Speaking of phones…

Do you know the story about the Sports Illustrated football phone?

Back in 1990 times were tough for Sports Illustrated.

Subscription numbers were down 10%.

And when subscription numbers drop, advertising revenue drops too.

The marketing department already knew what the problem was:

The bonuses that had worked well in the past just weren’t working like they used to.

The VHS tapes of sports bloopers… the calendars… the keychains…

They were going stale.

That wasn’t the mystery.

The REAL challenge would be finding a FIX.

And if the marketing department couldn’t find something new and exciting, they’d all be out of a job soon.

One day, a guy in the marketing department by the name of Martin Shampaine went out to lunch in Times Square.

On his way back to the office he walked past a random shop and something weird and confusing caught his eye.

He looked through the glass and saw a phone in the shape of a frog.

But at first his eyes fooled him and he thought:

Wait… is that a football?

A lightbulb went off in his mind.

He rushed back to the office and told them his idea of the “football phone”.

The team liked the idea… partly because they were desperate.

But would it work?

To test it, they sent out a promotion to 35,000 people offering the football phone.

Sales were off the charts!

This was the best test they’d ever run.

They quickly sourced the football phones in China… They bought a bunch of cheap cable airtime…

And over the next year and a half that little plastic football helped sell 1.6 million subscriptions!!

Talk about a CRO Marketing experiment that worked!

That’s the power of the right bonus.

When you get your bonuses dialed in (no pun intended) it’s like catching lightning in a bottle.

Your audience goes nuts for your offer.

That’s why step 6 of The Ultimate Offer Blueprint is…

Ultimate Offer Blueprint Step 6 — Build In Bonuses

So… what can you offer your prospects to get them off the fence and open their wallets?

And how do you find the right offer?

Are you going to wait around and hope YOU get a lucky break that puts an idea for a zillion dollar bonus in your head…?

Or do you want to join me and my Marketing Manager on the FREE training where we’re going to show you how to design bonuses that systematically:

(… ok I’ve run out of alliteration phrases.)

As I said… Martin got lucky.

But you don’t need to wait for chance, luck, or random good fortune.

I’ve got a model for finding the right bonuses for your Ultimate Offer.

And I’ll give it to you during our training.

Plus, me and my Marketing Manager, Gabriel Ryan, will walk you through all 7 ways to increase your conversion rate and boost sales with The Ultimate Offer Blueprint.

After all…

“Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.”

I’m giving you the opportunity to get prepared.

Come join us on the call!

We’re entrepreneurs.

We make our own luck.

I look forward to seeing you there!



p.s. I’ve been getting some great feedback from these recent blog posts. Apparently a lot of you have found them helpful & inspirational. Because of that, I wanted to make sure you had a path to come back to the stories & frameworks shared in my writings from this series.

I hope you’ll find some value in all of that writing which you can find here:

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