Crafting Quality Guarantees — Offers So Good They Close Themselves

Jack Born

also recommends Voma for high-converting payment pages

August 11, 2023
April 4, 2023

This is Part 4 in a free seven-part training series. Part 5 (Unclogging your sales funnel) is here.

Table of Contents

The Ultimate Offer Blueprint — 7 Steps to Creating High-Converting Offers

In 1960, Alvin Burger started his business in the spare bedroom of his mother in law’s house.

Not in aerospace or tech or any fast trending markets.

No, no.

Ol’ Alvin decided to open up a pest control business.

Whoo hoo! Exciting… right? (heavy sarcasm)

He called it BBBK.

Weird name. Boring industry… two strikes against Alvin and his pest control biz.

But Alvin had a trick up his sleeve.

You see he made ONE key decision that allowed him to dominate his market.

In fact… BBBK (his pest control biz) was able to charge up to 10 times what others charged.

“How is that possible?” you ask?

Well I’ll tell you… since you asked.

It was NOT through money laundering Miami drug money (as far as I know)

And it wasn’t from sending Bruno and Vinny to “chat” with his competitors.

(Again, as far as I know)

The answer is…

He took away ALLLLLL of the risk from the buyer.

He made them a risk reversal guarantee so powerful and so iron clad… and the guarantee promised to deliver exactly what his market REALLLLLLY wanted…

His clients had a hard time saying no and an easy time saying “Yes!’

That’s what a quality guarantee can do for you.

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How to quickly improve your offer

Ultimate Offer Blueprint Step 4 — Create Your Quality Guarantee And Reverse The Risk

And if you think a basic  “30 day refund policy” is what I’m talking about…

That’s just lazy… and it’s NOT going to get anyone’s attention.

If you’re ready to get your guarantee really dialed in… here’s where to do:

Register for my FREE training that will walk you through the 3 elements you MUST address in your guarantee to increase sales and reduce refunds.

That’s just one piece of the training on how you can use my know-how, my tools, and my insights to create your Ultimate Offer.

Plus, register now and I’ll share my Risk Reversal Worksheet with you that includes my automatic Guarantee Generator along with some of my favorite risk reversal examples. This worksheet will help kickstart your thinking as you brainstorm your own guarantee to lift conversions without giving away the farm.

But you must register ASAP.

This training is coming offline soon.

And when it does, it’s not coming back.

So while we’re talking about “risk”... this is one risk I’m not reversing.

It’s on you to register and attend.


Jack Born

PS - If you’re from Miami and you take offense to the jokes about drug money and leg breakers named Bruno… first of all I’m not an outsider jumping on the “Florida Man” bandwagon.

I grew up in Miami, went to school in Miami, and lived there until my mid 20’s.

So I know Miami.

Miami’s great… but it’s very… unique.

So from one local to another… I can’t imagine anyone who knows Miami saying “Hold on… that’s unfair!”... Right?!?!?!

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