How Your Unique Selling Proposition Improves Your Value Proposition

Jack Born

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August 11, 2023
April 4, 2023

This is Part 3 in a free seven-part training series. Part 4 (Sales so good, they close themselves) is here.

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The Ultimate Offer Blueprint — 7 Steps to Creating High-Converting Offers

What do you see in this photo?

A brown stick. Right?

But look closer…

It’s a clever trick of camouflage.

That stick is actually a bug.

Without the camouflage it would be a quick and easy meal for predators.

In nature, blending in is success.

Blend in and you live longer.

Blend in and you can attack without being seen.

Blend in for the win.

But in business it’s the opposite.

The human brain is wired to ignore vast amounts of input and focus on the few.

Specifically, stuff that stands out.

(I know saying “stuff that stands out” isn’t scientific, but you get my point)

So when it comes to your offer, you gotta be DIFFERENT.

If your audience looks at your offer and thinks “same ol’ same ol’” then they move on.

They forget about you.

You’re as invisible as the stick bug.

To stand out… your offer must evolve. It must adapt. 

How to stand out from competitors

You need a Unique Mechanism — a crucial component when crafting a high-converting offer. Simply put, your Unique Mechanism is your proprietary process for helping customers overcome a specific problem to get a specific result.

By definition, your Unique Mechanism makes you stand out from competitors.

Even though you are likely solving the same problem as your competition.

And offering the same outcome to your customers.

There is something… a very specific thing… about the WAY you serve your customers that makes all the difference.

That “thing” (again… a super technical term here) that makes your audience say:

Whoa… what’s this? Huh… that’s new.

And the biggest difference between businesses that blend in with the market and those that stand out and sell more, is the work they do to develop their Unique Mechanism

Ultimate Offer Blueprint Step 3 — Develop Your Unique Mechanism

With your ICP (Ideal Customer Profile) defined, and having crafted your Value Proposition, it is time to Develop Your Unique Mechanism. This is step 3 of 7 in The Ultimate Offer Blueprint.

And if you’ve read about the Value Prop Equation, you may notice something very interesting.

Your Unique Mechanism IS the bridge in the Value Prop Equation.

The Value Prop Equation is: Problem + Deliverables = Result

Simply clarifying the elements of your value proposition with this formula will put you ahead of 50% of the businesses out there that don’t even go as far to clarify their value prop.

But the elite few make one small tweak to that formula to separate themselves from 99% of the market, and scoop up the majority of market share in their target market.

Problem + Unique Mechanism = Result

They replace a list of products and services (Deliverables) with a Unique Mechanism.

And you can do the same.

Remember, your Unique Mechanism is your proprietary process for helping customers overcome a specific problem to get a specific result.

It is as much WHAT you deliver as it is the WAY you deliver it.

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Unique Mechanism Examples

How P90X sold more than $700 million with their Unique Mechanism

Have you heard of the fitness program P90X? They’re a great example of a brand that wasn’t finding any footing with the marketplace until they figured out their Unique Mechanism.

The fitness space isn’t just crowded… it’s RUTHLESS.

And it’s “mature”... the audience has heard all the promises:

The key to breaking through the noise is a killer Unique Mechanism.

Once they cracked the code for P90X… they could scale the !@#$ out of the business and everyone knew about P90X. The ads were everywhere all the time.

And once you crack the code for understanding the Unique Mechanism, how it works, why it works, and examples of it working… you’ll start seeing it in all the most popular hit products.

Once you see it, you can’t stop seeing it.

Chick-fil-A vs McDonalds — 2 Unique Mechanisms To Satisfy A Starving Crowd

There’s lots of places you can go to get a chicken sandwich. Even plenty of drive thru fast food options. But Truett Cathy has built a dining empire with Chick-fil-A because of the WAY they deliver their product.

My pleasure.

Those two words embody the spirit of Chick-fil-A and are the reason why the multi-billion dollar company grows at more than 8% per year selling chicken sandwiches.

Chick-fil-A’s Unique Mechanism is their commitment to quality, with their product and with their genuine heart of service.

Have you ever been to a McDonalds where the cashier responded to your order with “My pleasure”?

I didn’t think so.

However, there is no right or wrong.

McDonalds is plenty big. And sells a lot more than Chick-fil-A.

But both fast food chains have carved out their own niche with their own Unique Mechanism.

And if you’re wondering, McDonalds considers itself “The Most Successful Small Business in the World” which tells you a lot about what its Unique Mechanism is, and even what it’s underlying Value Prop is.

McDonalds doesn’t serve its customers. It sees the franchisee as it’s main target, and the McDonalds restaurant system is itself the Unique Mechanism.

Here’s a breakdown of the McDonalds Value Prop Equation:

Result: a thriving small business with predictable profits

Problem: need a small business with a high likelihood of success and low probability of failure

Unique Mechanism: the McDonalds business-in-a-box franchise that has been successfully replicated across more than 38,000 locations worldwide

Unique Selling Proposition vs Value Proposition vs Unique Mechanism

It is important to note, the difference between your Unique Mechanism and Your Value Proposition, and how those two things differ from your Unique Selling Proposition.

Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

To start, your Unique Selling Proposition (or USP) can be any single thing that makes you different from your competitors — any specific reason a customer might choose you over someone else. Picking your USP is better than not doing anything, but as a stand-alone strategy is usually not enough. Your likelihood of selecting a compelling-enough point to measurably increase conversions is unlikely.

Value Proposition (or Value Prop)

However, when you start with your Value Proposition, by clearly defining WHO you serve, WHAT problem you help them overcome, WHAT outcome you help them get and HOW you help them get it, you will automatically have a stronger more defensible position in your niche.

Unique Mechanism

Take that one step further to go even deeper on the “HOW you help them get it” piece of the Value Prop equation and develop your proprietary process for the WAY you deliver your products and services, and you’ve just set yourself apart from the masses by developing your Unique Mechanism.

How to develop your Unique Mechanism

You can start by taking  a look at your process for delivering your products and services. Perhaps there’s an opportunity to improve your process and come up with something unique.

Uber didn’t invent shuttle & taxi services. They just changed the way we used those services.

How can you change your fulfillment process? How can you improve it?

Need help coming up with your Unique Mechanism?

Join me and my Marketing Manager, Gabriel Ryan (who’s a genius marketer if you don’t know that yet) on a FREE training where we give you the playbook, examples, and tools we’ve developed for crafting your Ultimate Offer??

We’ll be going through how YOU can create your own Unique Mechanism on the training.

But the training is available for a limited time only.

Once it comes down, it’s going in the vault (which I only share with my inner circle mastermind Funnel Club members)

So register and join us TODAY.

See you there!


p.s. Make sure to check the next lesson, where I share the next step in The Ultimate Offer Blueprint (step 4 of 7). This piece is critical and is my most proven tactic for getting prospects to sell themselves on your offer. Don't miss it.

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